ZEISS SteREO Discovery.V12 Stereo Microscope

The V12 Stereo Microscope from ZEISS is the motorized component of the SteREO Discovery. It is completely combined into ZEN and AxioVision, the microscope software, to measure and document the samples in a reproducible manner.

Users can note the Drosophila or zebrafish embryos, stents or circuit boards with an enhanced three-dimensional impression over the complete 12:1 zoom range.

Users can capture images that are rich and crisp in contrast, have superb color fidelity and consist of more data. SteREO Discovery.V12 enhances contrast and resolution in biology and quality assurance.

The external touch panel SYCOP helps regulate all necessary functions of SteREO Discovery.V12: magnification, contrast, brightness, focus and more.


  • Motorized 12:1 zoom
  • Motorized components available for trustworthy outcomes
  • Smooth integration into the modular system of SteREO microscopes
  • Outstanding depth perception even at high magnification levels
  • Illumination and contrast methods are available depending on LED or cold light
  • With the optional touch panel SYCOP, it is ergonomic and simple to operate and control

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