ZEISS Xradia 510 Versa X-Ray Microscope

ZEISS' newst generation of 3D X-Ray microscopy (XRM) solutions, the Xradia Versa family, have been improved for non-destructive microtomography. Xradia 510 Versa progresses science and industry with an adaptable combination of first-in-class resolution and contrast, sample flexibility and the large working distance needed to fulfill developing research difficulties.

The system’s source technology and high-resolution detector offer a matchless sub-micron resolution, even for huge samples.


  • The design of the microscope allows the highest resolution at the greatest working distance from the source, which is known as a prerequisite for in situ and large sample imaging
  • Multi-length scale imaging of the same sample across a wide range of magnifications, down to <0.7 µm True Spatial Resolution™
  • Supports an extensive range of in situ rigs for submicron imaging of practical sized samples (mm to inches), with weight capacity of up to 15 kg

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