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Sonoco to Sell High Density Film Business for $123 million

BASF Complete Callery Acquisition

Pechiney Board Approved Alcan’s Revised Take Over Offer

Dow to Purchase Celanese Acrylics Business

US Steel Completes Acquisition of Sartid

Akzo Nobel Acquire Plastic Coatings Business

CERAM Expand into North America

US DOE Award $12.3m for Energy Efficient Projects

NanoOpto Secure Another $7m in VC Funding

WTC Steel Melted to Form War Ship

Cyclics Form Rotomolding Partnership with Clarehill

Mercedes Benz Unveils SLR Featuring Advanced Materials

Massive Fire Destroys Part of Bridgestone Tyre Factory

Brüeggemann Chemicals Acquire DSM RIM Nylon Business

Alcan’s Proposed Take Over of Pechiney Approved by French Government

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