Materials Science News


ANSC-TKS Starts Production of Galvanised Steel in China

EAFA Reports on Aluminium Foils Sales for Q1 2004

DuPont Adds New Distributors for Specialty Colorants and Additives

Hydro Brings Third Stage of Sunndal On Line

Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute and UC Berkeley Collaborate on Nanotech

LNM Holdings NV Wins Exclusivity for the Privatisation of BH Steel in Bosnia

Eastern Plastics Incorporation Allowed to Sell Components Produced from OXPEKK

Multiplex Awarded Aldoga Aluminium Smelter Contract

Providential Holding to Acquire Chinese Steel Manufacturer

Nissan Licence Ormecon Organic Metals Nanotechnology

High-Temperature Superconductors: Magnetic Glue May Be The Clue

Goodrich to Supply Submarine Radar Domes

Textron Divest Shares in 2 Joint Ventures

Court Orders Kaiser to Sell Stake in Alumina Refinery

New Zealand’s to Develop High-Value Light Metal Products For Export Markets

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