Materials Science News


Applied Nanotech and SouthWest NanoTechnologies Partner to Develop Display Technologies

Space Car Using Advanced Materials Comes 4th at Le Mans

Foamex Receives Grant to Work on Aircraft Fuel Fire Safety Technology

International Steel Group Complete Acquisition of Georgetown Steel

BAE Systems Develop Wallpaper Based on Stealth Bomber Technology

Research Project Helps Tenants Reduce Power Bills And Learn About Sustainability

American Superconductor Receive DARPA Contract to Develop HTS Wire for Miliary Applications

Hydro Signs 3 Year Aluminium Heat Exchanger Tube Deal

Hydro Supplies Front beams for Toyota’s Corolla Verso

New Member of a Family of Subatomic Particles Called

Eyeglass-Like Device To Protect Pilots and Soldiers From Blinding Lasers

Ultrahigh Performance, Mechanically Flexible Thin-Film Transistors

New Thermodynamic Theory

Hydro To Close Aluminium Casting Plant in Leeds

WMC To Sell Nickel Mine

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