Materials Science News


Vyncolit Acquire Rogers Corp. Mouldable Composites Division

Degussa and Celanese Establish Joint Venture

Australias Cement Producers to Form Cement Giant

Boeing to Sell Spokane Plant to Triumph Group

BP Solvay to Cut HDPE Production by 260 Million Pounds

Alcan Look to Purchase FlexPac

Tokyo Electron to Participate in Albany NanoTech

BP Solar Inaugurates $12 Million Expansion to Solar Plant

Viracon to Receive Award for Blast Resistant Windows in Pentagon

Xstrata Make Bid to Take Control of MIM

GM to Invest $80 Million to Produce Next Generation Aluminium Engines

HC Starck Intention to Buy into Fuel Cell Producer

Alcan to Close Specialty Chemicals Operation

First Flight of the FA/18A with Active Aeroelastic Wing

Clorox and Proctor and Gamble Close to Establishing a Joint Venture

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