AcceliCAD 2009 CAD Design and Drafting Software

AcceliCAD 2009 CAD Design and Drafting Software

Any AutoCAD user can easily use AcceliCAD immediately. It looks like AutoCAD, acts like AutoCAD, - but at a fraction of the cost to acquire and maintain.

AcceliCAD has all the features (and more) but at less than half the cost of AutoCAD LT and less than 1/10 the cost of AutoCAD. AcceliCAD is exceptional value when compared in any way with the more expensive software.

AcceliCAD is the intelligent choice for architects, engineers, designers - in fact any professional who creates or uses CAD drawings.

Here is why:

Unrivaled DWG File Format Compatibility

The vast majority of technical professionals use the industry-standard DWG file format. If you can't read and write DWG you might as well be working on the Moon. AcceliCAD's native file format is .DWG. When you open an existing DWG file there's no file conversion and no data loss. Further than that AcceliCAD can read and write different DWG formts from v2.5 through to 2008. No version of AutoCAD will do that.

AcceliCAD provides industry standard compatibility with an AutoCAD command set, as well programming api's such as LISP and SDS (AcceliCAD's C programming API). That means you can get to work immediately using the DWG files, commands and applications you know and rely on.

Exceptional Productivity

AcceliCAD offers many unique productivity features, including the ability to open multiple drawings at once; a Drawing Explorer that lets you review and exchange drawing content with drag-and-drop ease; and visual customization of menus and toolbars - no programming required. And thanks to its ActiveX integration, you can insert AcceliCAD drawings (or just parts of them) into a Microsoft Office application file such as Word or Excel.


AcceliCAD is a heavy-duty CAD program that's rich on compatibility and features yet priced at a point that makes it affordable for professional and casual use as well. AcceliCAd is prefect for anyone who needs to design and draft in collaboration with others using DWG file format or uses DWG or DXF files for other purposes such as manufacturing.

C, LISP, and VBA Development

If you have existing applications built using the ADS or AutoLISP libraries, you can quickly port them to AcceliCAD, using the same languages (C++ and CAD-oriented LISP subset) and functions you are used to. AcceliCAD also includes a VB object model to implement custom programs quickly within your organization.

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