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GRANTA MI for Materials Information Management

GRANTA MI for Materials Information Management

GRANTA MI is a comprehensive materials information system. It provides a unique database, designed specifically to store materials property data, and a series of powerful software tools to capture, control, analyze, and apply that data.

GRANTA MI creates a single corporate materials information system, handling both in-house data (from testing, QA, and design) and external reference information. Granta provides a library of reference data modules.

Materials experts use GRANTA MI tools to manage, analyze, certify, and maintain this data, publishing their results in a secure and controlled manner. Engineers, designers, managers, and others use GRANTA MI tools to access and apply this information within their routine workflows, assured that it is relevant, traceable, and the best available. These tools perform tasks such as searching and querying materials data, selecting materials for specific applications, and reporting on the restricted substance status of materials in product designs.


  1. Gilles Delaire Gilles Delaire Canada says:

    I attempted to login to Granta MI to look up a very basic material property and I could not find what I wanted. Is it intended only for high-level material experts or can FEA specialist use it to find properties such as modulus of elasticity for carbon steel (C1010), for example?

    • Stuart Dyer Stuart Dyer United Kingdom says:

      It's intended for both.  It can handle your own data and/or you can purchase sets of reference data (which Granta license from 3rd parties / collate themselves) - i.e. whether it has the data you are looking for depends on whether you have entered it and/or you have licensed it from Granta. You can then access the data from directly within your FEA software (using a plugin) or you can get the input deck from the software via your web browser.

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