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Zwick testXpert II Materials Testing Software

Zwick testXpert II Materials Testing Software

Zwick leads the market with its testXpert software platform for intelligent materials testing software. Unlike other software testXpert uses a standardized operating platform for all of its applications, no matter whether static or dynamic tests - so you spend less time learning to handle software and more time conducting tests. With testXpert II you benefit from over 80 years of testing experience and from over 10,000 successful installations worldwide.

Benefits of testXpert II

  • Ingeniously simple - testXpert II is organized so that you can operate it intuitively. Expressive symbols and a clear menu structure enable users to become quickly oriented and shorten the initial training period. The menu bar is set up according to the needs of the user making working with testXpert II ingeniously simple. Simply ingenious!
  • Intelligent - Intelligent assistants help you to set up or change test procedures and test reports. Should you have any questions, our extensive context-sensitive online help will quickly deliver the answer.
  • Modular design of the product program - With testXpert II you get a software system tailored to your needs. This is possible because all the test software follows a modular concept. In addition your system becomes more cost-effective and easy to use because you buy only what you need.
  • Compatible with your hardware - testXpert II is compatible with all commercially available PCs and laptops without the need for an additional connection card! So testXpert II will not invalidate upon any guarantee conditions your computer may have. It is easy to switch computers or even to develop test methods or perform analyses offline in your office at your convenience. You always have access to your test data.
  • Industry-oriented terminology and data export capability - testXpert II uses your language and also adopts to your terminology. For example, symbols or variables that are specific to your industry (e.g. metals, plastics, and rubber) are implemented throughout the software. This provides more relevant and meaningful information for you in your testing application. Today's quality assurance standards expect that test results can be exported to a company's central laboratory database. So we have created testXpert II to communicate reliably with your IT system by providing flexible interfaces and MS Office integration through Object Linking and Embedding (OLE).
  • Online Language Swapping - Needless to say, you can have testXpert II in your language of choice. testXpert II speaks many languages - all you need is a few mouse clicks to change the language. Language Swapping is a function which can be changed at any time, for example when setting-up the test report. Flexible testXpert II Language Swapping offers international teams language-independent operation of their testing machine as well as simplified communication.
  • Frame synchronized Video Recording - Only testXpert II offers you an image-for-image, frame synchronized video recording of your test. You can interpret the measuring curve of the test efficiently with the help of the recorded image changes of the specimen. You can record the test procedure with a video camera. testXpert II saves the recorded images synchronized with the measurement data. The visual recording can the show, for example, when, how and where the specimen constricts, buckles or changes color. The changes in specimen dimensions can be measured directly from the frozen images. Thanks to the synchronized video recording, the test procedure can be recalled or compared at any later time.
  • testXpert II LIMS - This is a unique feature offered by testXpert II: An integrated Laboratory Information Management System which consists of a powerful database to administer your test results, and create and archive long-term statistics and reports spanning a number of test series.
  • Graphical Sequence Editor - The Graphical Sequence Editor offers you all the freedom you could possibly hope for. It enables you to design customised test procedures by combining test events, parameters and results exactly as you wish. The design of the Graphical Sequence Editor makes your workfloweasy. You do not require any programming knowledge because the graphical layout makes for quick familiarization with the functionality. The integrated simulation mode (virtual testing machine) offers you unique possibilities. It analyzes the test procedure you have created, and so you can filter out errors from your test procedure in the early stages, even without destroying a single specimen.

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