Automated Configuration and Documentation Software for Fluid Systems – EPLAN Fluid

Automated Configuration and Documentation Software for Fluid Systems – EPLAN Fluid

EPLAN Fluid is an engineering tool used for the automatic configuration and documentation of circuits for fluid systems in hydraulics, pneumatics, cooling and lubrication. The EPLAN Platform connects the fluid power engineering with all other engineering disciplines so that various engineering tasks can be executed in parallel and the entire engineering process is accelerated. The Festo interface provides the user the simple option of importing parts data from a Festo product catalog and using it in EPLAN.

The importing and assigning parts settings data can be configured by the user and adjusted to meet personal demands at any time. By using redirect links in the parts data one gains access to the Festo website where current documentation and technical data for the part is stored.

EPLAN Fluid has unique logic functions and automatic processes that improve fluid planning. The modern user functions with drawing functions enable good first experiences. Autoconnecting generates all fluid connections automatically and can be given logical properties and analyzed. One’s goals will be easily achiever with Smart Connecting, a function with additional intelligence. Even if individual symbols are removed, once devices have been connected, their association remains.

The EPLAN Data Portal is a global web service for high quality device data. Several leading large component manufacturers offer online access to commercial, technical, process-oriented and corresponding graphics data in standardized EPLAN format. The designer can access a pool of qualified parts data online with direct access from the EPLAN platform. This ends the time-consuming process of producing parts data manually, reducing configuration time at the same time as increasing the quality of machine and plant documentation.

Key Features

The key features of EPLAN Fluid are:

  • Versatile – specialized, and yet integrated
  • Standards-based – features a fluid power design in accordance with the latest ISO 1219 standard
  • Interdisciplinary – hydraulics, pneumatics, lubrication, cooling
  • Ingeniously simple – eTouch technology and smart connecting
  • Totally global – multilingual documentation at the click of a mouse
  • Automated – configuration with variants and project options
  • Workflow-based – perfect combination of mechanical design (3D), fluid power design and control technology
  • Macro technology – store standards and know-how
  • From a single source – fluid diagram, parts list, 3D, connection lists etc.
  • Understandable – clear project structures in the documentation

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