3D Engineering Software for Control Cabinets and Switchgear Systems – EPLAN Pro Panel

3D Engineering Software for Control Cabinets and Switchgear Systems – EPLAN Pro Panel

EPLAN Pro Panel is a switchgear solution for the 3D engineering of control cabinets and switchgear systems. The software enables 3D assembly for the fluid and electrical configuration of control cabinets and provides virtual wiring and 3D data for wire assembly and production machinery, in addition to 3D power distribution and copper rail configuration. It is also possible for the software to generate production data for exporting to production equipment such as wire cutting machines. The EPLAN platform simultaneously connects control configuration with the 3D control cabinet assembly information, providing a consistent data exchange to enhance project quality and accelerate the speed and ease of engineering design.

EPLAN Pro Panel enables professional 3D layout planning. The vEPLAN eTouch technology allows you to align components and position them exactly. Based on the 3D assembly construction, the network definition and the connection information from the electro-technical circuit diagram, EPLAN Pro Panel calculates the optimum wiring routes for wires and cables, including checking how full the wire ducts are. EPLAN Pro Panel Professional offers all sorts of options for accessing device data including 3D geometry, whether it is taken ready to use from the EPLAN Data Portal or via the built-in STEP interface, directly from the component manufacturer, from data portals or data CDs from any 3D CAD program.

Key Features

The key features of the EPLAN Pro Panel are:

  • Free choice of engineering approach, workflow and method
  • EPLAN eTouch – mounting layout in 3D as simple as in 2D
  • Planning aids for optimum dimensioning and use of space
  • Virtual wiring with routing and length calculations
  • Construction of copper rails – cutting to length, bending and connecting included
  • Provision of documents for materials logistics and production
  • Control of machine tools
  • Provision of data for mechanical wire and cable fabrication
  • Significant improvement in quality
  • Built-in manufacturer know-how on components and accessories
  • Early verification and consistency checks
  • Optimum dimensioning and use of space
  • Tailored data provision for production and mounting
  • Sustained reduction of costs
  • Early error recognition in product development phase
  • Error avoidance by elimination of data conversion and reengineering
  • Consistent revision service from engineering through to production
  • The EPLAN Platform supports international standards such as IEC, NFPA, GOST and GB. Its consistent Unicode compatibility means that the software can provide project documentation in all languages based on your individual translation databases – whether you need a Chinese mounting layout plan or a bill of materials in Russian. The software itself is available in 17 languages.

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