PMI-MASTER PRO Spark Emission Spectrometer

The PMI-MASTER PRO is a robust mobile spectrometer for precise analysis and material identification of different metals. The measurement is performed by an "easy to handle" pistol. The material grade and chemical composition appears in a few seconds on the integrated touch screen. Depending upon the application, there are different operation modes for sorting, Grade ID or complete analysis of metals. With the PMI-MASTER PRO and the mini optic UV-PRO it is possible to analyse typical vacuum elements e.g. P, S, and B etc.

Key Features

  • Perfect mobility with battery-power
  • Fast on-site testing
  • Jet-Stream Technology for small samples
  • High performance carbon analysis

In the harshest conditions the instrument can be operated using WINDOWS™windows based software via ruggedt and dust protected TFT touch screen.

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