Differential Scanning Calorimeters — DSC7000X and DSC7020

The differential scanning calorimeters (DSC) from Hitachi are extensively used for the characterization of material properties such as crystallization, melting point, and glass transition. The DSC7000X is used in R&D and quality control over a broad array of industries like oil and gas, polymers, food, pharma, metals, and chemicals.

The world-class sensitivity and baseline flatness offered by Hitachi’s DSC ensures more accurate testing and the potential to assess even the smallest reactions.

Hitachi offers a wide array of solutions, from DSC7020, which encompasses a broad range of applications, to the DSC7000X, which has been custom-designed to fulfill the most sophisticated DSC applications, specifically in the field of applied research.


  • World-class baseline performance together with exclusive furnace design
  • High sensitivity with superior sensor technology
  • More options can be flexibly added after installation
  • Real View® camera system displays the behavior of materials live on screen
  • Auto-analysis function facilitates faster operation and reliable auto-sampler testing
  • Superior, intuitive software ensures user-friendly operation, and enables more sophisticated functionality wherever required


  • The potential to study even the smallest reactions offers improved accuracy
  • Thanks to the auto-sampler and intuitive software, the analyzer is time-efficient and user-friendly
  • The exclusive camera system allows reports to be generated easily, even by non-expert users
  • Powerful, reliable system ensures cost-efficient operation


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