Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science provides a range of PCB and copper coating thickness gages designed for non-destructive measurement of foil, laminate, surface and through-hole copper.  These gages are ideal for PCB assemblers and manufacturers.

Gages in this Group

  • 165 Copper Plating Thickness - Easy and repeatable measurements on hot or cold copper traces or panels.
  • 95M Copper Plating Thickness - Obtain measurements on printed circuit board substrate materials.
  • 511 Plated Through-Hole Measurement - Through-hole measurement
  • on PCB boards before and after etching.
  • 760 PCB Through-Hole and Copper Surface Measurement - easy, accurate and repeatable measurements for PCB electronics manufacturers with a benchtop gage
  • 563 Copper Surface Measurement -
  • Accurate, fast and repeatable measurements of copper plating on flexible, stiff, single and double-sided or multi-layer PCB boards.


The PCB and copper surface coating thickness gages are used in the following areas:

  • Copper surface thickness
  • Through hole copper
  • PCB manufacturing

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