Handheld LIBS Analyzer - Vulcan Optimum+

The Vulcan from Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science is one of the fastest metals analyzers with sturdy construction. Users just have to squeeze the trigger and a second later the result can be viewed. The Vulcan+ range makes use of the Laser Induced Breakdown (LIBS) technology; therefore the users need not concern themselves about X-rays.

Whether one’s work is PMI quality control or scrap sorting, the Vulcan offers accurate and dependable grade ID at all times.

The new Vulcan Optimum+ model has been optimised for analysing aluminium alloys. It features a new high-performance spectrometer, enabling the measurement of lithium in aluminium alloys and it’s also capable of measuring boron-aluminium alloys.

Why Choose a Vulcan?

Significantly Increase Productivity

The ability to do more number of analyses per day can make a huge difference, particularly with large inventory checks.

Low Cost of Ownership

Since the Vulcan is a laser tool, staff will not have to undergo expensive and time-consuming radiation classes and certification training.

Built to Last

IP54 certified, NEMA3 equivalent and adheres to MIL-STD-810G military grade for ruggedness.


It is a second generation instrument put together by experts in the handheld LIBS market.

Key Features

Simple to Use

Intuitive user interface coupled with point-and-shoot analysis reduces or even removes the chance of user-related mistakes

Advanced Data Management

All results can be securely transferred and stored by users in Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science’s cloud service, and they can use one of the most advanced reporting tools available. The Vulcan also connects with the mobile to include photos to the results and to share data directly.

Robust and Durable

The Vulcan’s measurement optics is protected by sapphire glass, one of the toughest materials present in the market, thus ensuring it is splash-water and dust proof.

Long Battery Life

A single battery charge can last up to eight hours when testing one sample every five seconds. Two batteries are added in the package.


  • Handheld LIBS analyzers for scrap metals
  • Handheld LIBS analyzers for QC/QA

ExTOPE Connect

The most advanced reporting tools available currently are used in the Vulcan. Results can be safely stored and reports can be created using Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science’s cloud-based service. It is possible for users to access their data anytime, from anywhere.

Using Wi-Fi, real-time transfer of results from the analyzer to the LiveConnect cloud is possible
Chemistry, spectra, camera images, grade ID, extra information etc. are stored in a single secure location
Flexible reporting tool: Create custom-made tamper-proof (PDF) reports or .CSV document for further data evaluation

Vulcan Optimum+

  • Cu, Ti
  • AL and Mg alloys, Li in Al alloys
  • Pre-burn to clean the sample surface
  • Grade identification and full chemistry
  • MIL-STD-810G compliant
  • IP54 (NEMA 3 equivalent) dust and splash water protected
  • Full day operation with one battery*
  • Grade library
  • Wi-Fi

Optional Feautres

  • Built-in camera

*Full day operation on a single battery charge based on analyzing one sample every 5 seconds for 8 hours

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