Thermomechanical Analyzers - TMA7100 and TMA7300

The TMA7100 and TMA7300 thermomechanical analyzers (TMAs) from Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science are used for assessing shrinkage or expansion of samples over a wide range of temperatures. Such parameters are crucial to design engineers.

Hitachi’s TMA analyzers are also used for outgoing inspection or quality assurance to make sure that a customer’s product is exact to specification.

The versatile TMA from Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science can also carry out other analytical tasks, like DMA measurement, stress-strain curve, heat shrinkage-stress measurement, stress relaxation measurement, and creep measurement in a single instrument.

Features and Benefits

  • High precision with excellent temperature control
  • Thanks to the excellent load control technology, multiple applications can be realized in a single unit
  • A high-sensitivity sensor ensures highly reliable measurements


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