Lab-X5000 Benchtop Bulk Analysis XRF

For over 45 years, the LAB-X analysers have been counted on for reliable analysis in production control and testing laboratories. The LAB-X5000 has made analysis faster, easier and more versatile than ever before by combining software inspired by Hitachi's leading line of point-and-shoot handheld analysers with hardware features built for high-throughput laboratory testing. The strength of the LAB-X5000 is its simplicity and robustness. The streamlined interface makes it easy for any operator to get repeatable results with a single touch of a button. The automatic sample positioner moves the sample away from the X-ray tube and detector after measurement to protect against damage from spills.

Key Features

  • The easiest, fastest and more versatile LAB-X ever
  • Software and hardware are optimized for high throughput testing
  • User interface is inspired by our leading line of point-and-shoot handheld analysers
  • The large industrial-grade touch screen is resistant to chemicals and clearly displays results and controls
  • Atmospheric compensation allows all measurements to be taken in air path, eliminating the cost of external gases
  • LAB-X5000 complies with ASTM D4294, ISO 8754, ISO 20847 and IP 336.


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