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Ceram Expertise a Winner With IKEA

Kuraray Acquires VECTRAN High-performance Fibers Business from Celanese Advanced Materials

Anode Milling Machines

North American Average Carbon Steel Steel Prices Forecast to Rise

New Plastic Blend for Car Radiator Grilles

Molecular Breakthrough for Plastic Electronics

Bonding Technology In Cars: Adhesives Instead Of Rivets, Screws and Welding

MIL to List on London’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM)

New HRDT Technology Cuts Development Costs for High Refraction Polymer Optics

Biophan Announces Availability of New MRI-Safe Ceramic SQUIGGLE Motor for Medical Uses

AuGRID Receives U.S. Secretary of State Stamp to Operate in Dubai

Uhde Wins Contracts for the Expansion and Modernisation of Three Coke Oven Batteries in Japan, Taiwan and Argentina

Tegal Announces Major European Order

Siemens Secures Industrial Power Plant Orders from Italy and Saudi Arabia

Thin Glass for Electronic Applications

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