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Ohio State Researchers Patent Zeolite Filter for NOx Chemical Sensors

Alcan Rolled Products Spin Off Making Progress

Results of UK Plastic Waste Recycling Investigation

Proton Energy's Hydrogen Generator Making The Grade at Mirant Corp's Zeeland Power Plant

Los Alamos Lab Researcher Grow 4 Centimeter Long Buckytube

Eastman Commence Debottlenecking of Kingston Plant

Alcoa to Restart Jamaican Refinery After Suffering No Significant Damage from Hurricane Ivan

Sony To Commence Full Scale Production of Color OLED Displays

Functionally Graded Electrodes Produced by Electrodeposition Could Boost Fuel Cell Performance

Cyclics Complete $68m Financing Deal to Fund German CBT Plant

Global Hydrogen Agreement Marks 25 Years

Microwaves Provide a Faster More Environmentally Friendly Solution for Drying of Timber

Hi-k Grade Aluminum and Hafnium Dielectric Precursors Available from Rohm and Haas

Westlake Chemical Plan Start Up of PVC Production at Geismar Plant

Dunlop Says Tire Trends are Going Bigger, Lower and Wider

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