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X-Melt Process Opens Up Possibilities for Injection Moulding Ultra Thin Walled Components

Goodrich Win Contract to Supply US Navy Submarines with Composite Torpedo Diffusers

Albemarle to Increase Production of Flame Retardants

SMS-Demag Win Contract to Supply 2 Five Strand Bloom Casters to Russia Worth 45m Euros

Lotus Lead Consortium to Develop Gasoline Direct Injection Engine

Rice University Workshop to Discuss Future of Solar Energy

USC Researchers to Model High Performance Metals to Better Understand Stress Corrosion Cracking in Aircraft

Cree Win $4.2m to Develop Energy Efficient Lighting

Cyclics, Mitsubishi and Goath Tec Teo to Develop Thermoplastic Composite Wind Turbine Blades

Vulcan Materials to Sell Chemicals Business and Concentrate on Building Materials

EU Project Could See Electromagnetic Valve Actuators Replace Camshafts

University of Wisconsin Looking to Alternative Energy Forms to Petroleum Products

Silicon Thin Films Make Low Cost Electricity Generation Possible

Fire at OM Group’s Cobalt Smelter Causes Disruption

Australian Magnesium Company Decide to Relocate Smelter to Middle East

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