Materials Science News


UCB to Sell Films Business for 320 Million Euros

Boeing Complete 90% of Design of World’s Longest Range Jetliner

Bayer Looks Set to Spin Off Lanxness Chemicals and Polymers Business

IBM Scientists Make Breakthrough in Nanoscale Imaging

Hydro to Upgrade Their Italian Aluminium Rolling Mill

USWA Ratify Labour Agreement with WCI Steel

Nitronex Begins Selling GaN-on-Silicon Epi Wafers

Lockheed Martin Begin Assembly of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Forward Fuselage

Teijin Twaron Announce a Further Capacity increase for Twaron Production

Brunei Introduce Polymeric $50 and $100 Bills

Faster Test For Checking The Efficiency Of The Paints Used As Protection Against Corrosion In The Automotive Industry

Expanded Polystyrene Produced Using New Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC) Free Technology

Carbon Nanotubes Enable Quantum Computing

Oregon Steel to Build New Pipe Mill

Crew Group Granted US Patent for Magnesium Processing

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