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Corus to Supply ZF Sachs Copper Clad Steel

Posco to Invest Money in Streamlining of Steel Making and Energy Saving Activities

Polymer Matrix Composite with Metallic Properties that can be Processed Like a Plastic

World’s Largest Plasma Television Soon Available from Panasonic

IBM and CIDETEC to Develop Nanomaterials for Microelectronics

BASF to Increase Production Capacity of High Temperature Thermoplastic by 20%

Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd and CERAM Design Fuel Cell manufacturing Plant

Jindal Steel Planning for Expansion

Stelco Complete Demolition of Blast Furnace

Hitachi Chemical Has Acquired Patents for Resist Materials for IC Package Substrates

New Software Could Speed Up Design and Testing of Metallic Glasses

Rice University Pioneers Technology to Nanotube Fibers

Alberta Using Recycled Tyres to Pave Roads

Volvo Build Extreme Gravity Racer

Eastman to Build $100m PET Plant in Colombia Based on Proprietary Integris Technology

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