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Solo Cup Begin Construction of New Production Facility

Akzo Nobel Purchase 50% Share in Mexican Powder Coating Business

Basell Introduce Spherizone, A Polypropylene Technology

Powder Processing Boost for UK Industry

Avestor Begin Production of Lithium-Metal-Polymer (LMP) Batteries

American Superconductor Receive $2m Grant to Help Commercialise HTS Technology

Rhodia Divest Rhodia-ster

Alcoa Bid for Controlling Share in Elkem

Bema Gold Join Forces with EAGC

IOM3's Rubber and Plastics Division Gets New Focus

Bayer to Divest Rhein Chemie Subsidiary

ATK Wins $13million Contract to Supply Parts for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Western Garnet International Acquire Kominex Mineral Mahlwerk

Bemis Completes Acquisition of Walki Films

Alouette Aluminium Plant to Undergo Expansion

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