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Adding Carbon Nanotubes to Polypropylene Found to Increase Extrusion Rate

Orica Becomes Australia’s Largest Specialty Polymer Distributor Through Marplex Acquisition

Posco Begin Construction of Steel Plant That Will Utilise New Steel Making Technology

Vietnam to Introduce Plastic 100,000 VND Notes

BASF To Introduce Oppanol Thermoplastic Elastomer at K 04

AMD Starts Shipping 90nm Athlon Chips After Smooth Transition to 90nm Manufacturing

2004 Global Spending on Nanotechnology to Exceed $8.6 Billion

CSR and Alcan Settle Long-Standing Dispute over Gove Aluminium Sale

Kendrion Completes Divestiture of Automotive Plastics Business

3M’s Aluminum Composite Conductor Reinforced to Receive First Commercial Application

Tata Steel to Acquire Singapore’s Natsteel for $486m

Husky Sign Agreement to Offer Customers Mould Cleaning System

India’s Reliance Complete Acquisition of Trevira

Kyocera Introduce 2 New CVD Coated Grades for Cutting Ductile Steel

Firth Rixson To Build Plant Near Shanghai

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