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Untethered Wireless Robot That Has Successfully Explored Underground Gas Mains in New York

ATK Wins $3.4 Million Contract to Supply New York City Police Department With Ammunition

Goodyear Receives Military Aircraft Tire Development Grant

BASF Patent Technology for Colouring Aluminium Gold Using Methanesulphonic Acid

Ryerson Tull Complete Acquisition of JandF Steel

Applied Nanotech Granted 3 US Patents for The Use of Electron Emissions from Carbon Nanotubes

Augrid’s Armour Technology Receives Praise at IDGA Conference

Westlake Chemical to Acquire Assets of Bristolpipe Corp

Eastman Chemical Complete Divestiture of Coatings, Adhesives, Specialty Polymers and Inks Businesses

Simulation Software for Fuel Cell Development Released by CD Apapco

NASA Reported That Five of Eight Liquids in a Viscosity Measurement Experiment Performed Well on The International Space Station

Third Reactor At Moerdijk to help meet European Ethylene Oxide Demand

New Generation of Adhesives and Sealants Derived From Soybeans and Other Renewable Materials

IBM Has Revealed A Breakthrough Chip Morphing Technology

Advance of Computer Technology May One Day Reach A Limit Due To The Difficulties Involved In Shaping Silicon

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