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PolyFuel Makes Hydrogen Fuel Cell Breakthrough

Veeco Complete Purchase of Manufacturing Technology Inc

Monash University Working on Biomaterials That Could Regenerate Spinal Cord Tissue

Trees Prove More Environmentally Friendly Than Coal in Steel Making

Waterless Dishwasher Using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide will Represent Australia in Electrolux Design Laboratory Competition

Ford’s Shuttle Bus Bring Hydrogen Powered Vehicles a Step Closer

Volkhov Aluminium and Pikalevo Alumina Become Subsidiaries of Sual

Sims Group Complete Acquisition of Europe’s Leading Electronic and Electrical Goods Recycler

Hitachi Metals Begins Shipping Magesium Alloy for Sony’s New Network Walkman

Clariant Completes Sale of Electronic Materials, Organic Chemicals Businesses as Well as Their Stake on SF Chem

Research Center Julich Succeed in Powering a Car with a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell

Kobe Steel and JFE Steel Further Reinforce Their Welding Collaboration

Trelleborg Acquires Aftermarket Pipe Seals Business for SEK 10m

Kodak Reorganises UK/European Operations to Concentrate on Digital Photography

Recyclable Fabrics for Injection Molding Assist Automotive Manufacturers Increase Efficiencies, Lower Costs And Offer Improved Part Moldability

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