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Kluwer has annouced free access to 15 leading on-line journals

Electromagnetic Car Brakes That Perform Better, Respond Faster and More Environmentally Friendly

Renewable Energy Centre established in Perth

EU Announces Hydrogen Fuel Cell Initiatives

HP Beef Up Notebooks with Magnesium

Bayer Name New Spin Off Company Lanxness

Havens Steel File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Plastic-Coated Tarpaulin Roof For Athens Olympic Pool

Great Lakes Chemical and Laurel Industries Form Antimony Joint Venture

LAT Offers Low Cost FTIR Microscopy System

Recycling - Turning Pallets Into Flooring

DuPont Kevlar Protects Rembrandt's 'Night Watch'

Hemp For Eco-Friendly Brake Pads

Kanthal Introduces New Radiant and Protection Tube Grade For Furnace Applications

Fiber Reinforced Polymers Stand up Against Earthquakes & Hurricanes

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