Epsilon MODEL 3590VHR Very High Resolution Digital Electronic Calibrators

The Epsilon MODEL 3590 axial extensometer features 0.8µinches or 20nm resolution with a measuring range of 2 inches or 50mm.

The software provided with the 3590VHR helps display the calibrator readings on the optional digital display or netbook PC.

The 3590VHR calibrator satisfies the resolution and precision requirements for ASTM E83 Class B-1 for a 6mm gauge length and higher range extensometers and also meets ISO 9513 Class 0,5 requirements over the complete calibrator measuring range.

For large displacements, the 3590VHR uses a coarse adjustment screw, in combination with a fine adjustment screw permitting fine-tuning in the range of approximately 0.025µm.

When the need arises to calibrate the extensometers, these calibrators can be used in a more rapid and convenient manner in comparison with competitors.

They have an optimum measuring range for the calibration of almost all extensometers and sufficient resolution for calibrating units featuring low measuring ranges.

Values can be obtained in inches and millimeters using the software. Calibration is made easier with the autozero function. In order to begin readings from zero it just needs to be triggered. Operator error is reduced with the digital display.

A broad variety of adapters are offered. The calibrator is supplied along with smooth round adapters of 0.375inches diameter (9.52mm). An optional extension post is available for very long gage length extensometers. The calibrator has a calibration traceable to NPL (UK standards organization).

Key Features

The key features of the 3590VHR include:

  • Scale calibration that meets NIST standards
  • A completely calibrated system traceable to NPL (UK standards organization).
  • A PC with USB port is mandatory as software for Windows-based PC is offered
  • Optional Netbook PC or stand-alone display offered
  • The readings observed on the PC with included software may be saved to a data file.
  • The same adapters used in the models 3590 and 3590HR calibrators are deployed
  • It is provided with a foam-lined storage case

Options for Available Adapter Sets

Options for adapter sets include:

  • 3590-01 Smooth round posts, 0.25inches diameter (6.35mm)
  • 3590-02 Adapters for flat specimens
  • 3590-03 Adapters for clip-on fracture mechanics gages
  • 3590-04 Transverse extensometer adapter (Model 3560)
  • 3590-11 Transverse extensometer adapters (Models 3575AVG,3575, 3475, 3580, 3565, 3911 and 3975)
  • 3590-05 Circumferential extensometer adapters (Model 3544)
  • 3590-06 Adapters for large averaging extensometers (Models 3442RA and 3542RA)
  • 3590-07 4 inch (100mm) extension post for long gauge length extensometers
  • 3590-55-10 10 inch (250mm) extension post for long gauge length extensometers
  • 3590-55-24 24 inch (600mm) extension post for long gauge length extensometers

Epsilon MODEL 3590VHR Very High Resolution Digital Electronic Calibrators

Model 3590VHR calibrator
Model 3590VHR calibrator with stand alone display
Close-up of Model 3590VHR
Model 3590VHR in case
Model 3590 adapters
Model 3590VHR assemblies

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