Epsilon MODEL 3542L Long Gauge Length Extensometers

Epsilon's Model 3542L extensometer is used for long gage length applications that involve low level strain measurements. With a gauge length over 50mm, this device is suitable for tensile and compression testing.

The dual flexure design provides the Model 3542L rigidity and insensitivity to vibrations. The extensometers can be used for testing a wide variety of samples including ceramics, composites, plastics, and metals. For larger measuring ranges and long gauge lengths, the model 3543 is usually employed.

The Model 3542L extensometers are provided with Epsilon's quick attach kit that facilitates easy mounting of the device on the specimen. Upon the removal of the quick attach kit, the extensometer can be mounted with rubber bands or springs.

These extensometers are strain gaged devices that can be used with any type of electronics employed in strain gaged transducers. They are often linked to a test machine controller with signal conditioning electronics.

A suitable connector and wiring is used to directly connect the extensometer to the electronics. Epsilon can provide different solutions for systems without the desired electronics. This allows the extensometer output to be connected to chart recorders, data acquisition boards, or other devices.

Key Features

The main features of the Model 3542L extensometers include:

  • Standard quick attach kit enables easy mounting to specimens
  • Rugged, dual flexure design facilitates improved strength and performance
  • Performs cyclic testing at higher frequencies
  • Replaceable arms and spacers ensure easy repair
  • High quality foam lined case
  • High and low temperature options
  • Replaceable hardened tool steel knife edges in addition to a spare set
  • Standard units meet the requirements of ASTM class B-1 and ISO 9513, class 0,5 requirements thereby ensuring accuracy
  • Mechanical overtravel stops in both directions
  • Measurement of both tension and compression
  • May be left on through specimen failure
  • Full bridge, 350Ω strain gaged design provides compatibility with any test system

Epsilon MODEL 3542L Long Gauge Length Extensometers

Model 3542L with 8 inch gauge length and ±0.4 inch measuring range
Optional rubber band and spring attachment options included with Model 3442 and 3542
Model 3542L-500M-010M-ST in its case. (This Model is described in right hand column.
Model 3542L with 500 mm gauge length and ±10 mm measuring range

Different Types of Model 3542L Extensometers

The Model 3542L extensometers come in different gauge length, temperature range and measuring range as given below.

The Model 3542L extensometers come in different gauge length, temperature range and measuring range

Optional Features

The following are some of the optional features of the Model 3542L extensometers:

  • Connectors interface to nearly any test devices
  • Adapter kits changes gauge lengths
  • Special coatings and stainless steel knife edges for biomedical tests
  • Quick attach kit wireforms for large test samples

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