Precision Optical Extensometers for Breakthrough Performance

Epsilon ONE high-precision optical extensometers are designed to measure axial strain with industry-leading resolution, speed, and accuracy. Features such as Innovative Instant Reset, Always On, and Laser Alignment maximize performance and improve testing throughput.

Key Applications

  • Automated testing – Software interaction is not necessary between repetitive tests
  • Fine/thin specimens – <Ø20 μm (0.001”) specimens
  • Examination of high-modulus materials – Accuracy and resolution for extremely small strain measurements usual with these materials
  • Elastomers and high-elongation plastics – Best-in-class performance; >1000% strain and  >1.5 m/second tracking speed
  • Long-term creep testing – Superior thermal stability and automatic recovery in case of a test stoppage
  • High-speed cyclic testing – Test frequencies up to 200 Hz and real-time data rate up to 3000 Hz
_high-resolution optical extensometer - Epsilon ONE™ overview (Epsilon Technology)
_faster testing with the Epsilon ONE™ video extensometer - (Epsilon Technology)

Precision Optical Extensometers for Breakthrough Performance

System View
Epsilon ONE 78PT
Epsilon ONE 52PT
Epsilon ONE 200CE
Laser Alignment - Accurately Set Working Distance
Touch Interface
Specimen Marking - Paint Pen and Template

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