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Journal Papers - AZojomo (ISSN 1833-122X) Date Added DOI Author Names
Gel Casting of Porous Alumina and Zirconia Bodies 19/8/2009 10.2240/azojomo0293 Jean-Marc Tulliani, Valentina Naglieri, Mariangela Lombardi and Laura Montanaro
Influence of Surfactants on the Synthesis of SnO2 Nanoparticles and Nanorods 19/8/2009 10.2240/azojomo0292 R. Padmavathy and K. V. Rajendran
Young's Modulus of Porous Ceramics in the SiC - Glassy Material - LiAlSiO4 System 19/8/2009 10.2240/azojomo0291 Tatsuya Ono, Koji Matsumaru, Isaias Juarez-Ramirez, Leticia M. Torres-Martinez and Kozo Ishizaki
Abrasive Grain Efficiency and Surface Roughness Under Wheel-Loading on Machining Magnesium Alloys 19/8/2009 10.2240/azojomo0290 Nguyen Tien Dong, Koji Matsumaru, Masakazu Takatsu and Kozo Ishizaki
Definitions and Categories of Hybrid Materials 19/8/2009 10.2240/azojomo0288 Makoto Nanko
Thermal and Microstructural Characterization of Na2SiF6Decomposition-Si3N4 Formation by HYSYCVD in the Na2SiF6-N2 System 3/5/2009 10.2240/azojomo0278 A. L. Leal-Cruz and M. I. Pech-Canul
Nanoindentation Study Of The Effect Of Nanodiamond Additives On Electroless Deposition Nickel-Boride Coating 2/5/2009 10.2240/azojomo0280 A. Gurga, V. Mochalin, D. Pepe, C. Picardi and Y. Gogotsi
Electronic Properties of SnO2-Based Ceramics with Double Function of Varistor and Humidity Sensor 30/4/2009 10.2240/azojomo0277 A. B. Glot A, A. P. Sandoval-García B, A. V. Gaponov C, R. Bulpett D, B. J. Jones D and G. Jimenez-Santana
Commercial Silicon Nitride Powders Surface Structures Evaluated By X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (Xps) 30/4/2009 10.2240/azojomo0281 Tran Thi Thu Hien, Chanel Ishizaki and Kozo Ishizaki
Active Sites Characterization on (PAN)/SiO2 Hybrid Catalysts for Ethylbenzene Oxidative Dehydrogenation 30/4/2009 10.2240/azojomo0279 Ramos-Galván C., Sandoval-Robles G., Robles-Andrade S., García-Alamilla R., Llanos-Serrano M. E., Navarrete-Bolaños J. and Domínguez-Esquivel J. M.

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