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December 2006
HRTEM Characterization Of Melt-Spun Al-Si-Cu-Mg Alloys Solidified At Different Rates  29/12/2006 10.2240/azojomo0223 Ismeli Alfonso, Cuauhtémoc Maldonado, Gonzalo González, Ariosto Medina and Luis Bejar
Novel Liquid Crystalline Poly (p-phenylenevinylene)s: Synthesis And Properties  27/12/2006 10.2240/azojomo0222 Shi-Jun Zheng, Hong-Wei Shi, Xiao-Hui Chen, Shao-Kui Cao, Kazuo Akagi And Qi-Feng Zhou
Surface Behavior Of Polymer Langmuir Monolayer At The Air / Water Interface 22/12/2006 10.2240/azojomo0221 Wenjian Xu, Fangfang Ren, Suhua Zhang, Guoliang Zeng, Tiesheng Li And Yanjie Wu
Journal Papers - AZojomo (ISSN 1833-122X) Date Added DOI Author Names
November 2006
Application to Piezoresistive Sensor of SiCOI Structure Fabricated by Triode Plasma CVD  21/11/2006 10.2240/azojomo0230 Kanji Yasui, Ryuichi Tsuruma, Masasuke Takata and Tadashi Akahane
Novel Noncontact Method for Characterizing Surface Profile by Air-Coupled Ultrasound Scattering  17/11/2006 10.2240/azojomo0229 Deden Dian Sukmana and Ikuo Ihara
Dielectric Properties and Microstructure of Ba0.70Sr0.30TiO3 Derived from Mechanically Activated BaCO3-SrCO3-TiO2 13/11/2006 10.2240/azojomo0228 Teoh Wah Tzu, Zainal Arifin Ahmad and Ahmad Fauzi Mohd Noor
Journal Papers - AZojomo (ISSN 1833-122X) Date Added DOI Author Names
October 2006
Nanoindentation Study Of The Effect Of Nanodiamond Additives On Electroless Deposition Nickel-Boride Coating  25/10/2006 10.2240/azojomo0227 A. Gurga, V. Mochalin, D. Pepe, C. Picardi and Y. Gogotsi
Ti-Modified Mesoporous Materials Synthesized for Chromium Adsorption 9/10/2006 10.2240/azojomo0226 Cano-Aguilera, I., Martínez-Rosales, J. M., Ramos-Guillén, M. L., Gallaga-Ortega, Y., Aguilera-Alvarado, A. F., Fuentes-Ramírez R. and Romero-González, J
Journal Papers - AZojomo (ISSN 1833-122X) Date Added DOI Author Names
August 2006
Grinding Behaviour of Silicon Wafer and Sintered Al2O3 By Constant Force Feeding Grinding System  1/08/2006 10.2240/azojomo0219 Hyunjin Kim, Koji Matsumaru, Atsushi Takata and Kozo Ishizaki
Preparation of Sodium Aluminate From Basic Aluminium Sulfate 1/08/2006 10.2240/azojomo0220 César A. Contreras, Satoshi Sugita and Esthela Ramos
Journal Papers - AZojomo (ISSN 1833-122X) Date Added DOI Author Names
July 2006
TLP Diffusion Bonding of a ODS Nickel Alloy 31/07/2006 10.2240/azojomo0225 R.K. Saha and T.I. Khan
A Helical Aggregation Derived from a Conjugated Polymer with a Cylinder-Like Conformation 18/07/2006 10.2240/azojomo0214 Yingliang Liu, Yuanrong Xin, Jianghui Li, Fenglian Bai and Shaokui Cao
Low Specific-Grinding Energy Machining of Ceramics by a Laser Dressed Diamond Grinding Stone 12/07/2006 10.2240/azojomo0218 Kazuki Jodan, Koji Matsumaru and Kozo Ishizaki
Journal Papers - AZojomo (ISSN 1833-122X) Date Added DOI Author Names
June 2006
A New Production Method of Submicron Alumina Powders 22/06/2006 10.2240/azojomo0217 César A. Contreras, Satoshi Sugita, Esthela Ramos, Leticia M.Torres and Juan Serrato
Theoretical Estimation of Dicing Blade Grindability for Different Abrasive Grain Sizes 20/06/2006 10.2240/azojomo0216 Takuya Adachi, Koji Matsumaru and Kozo Ishizaki
Nanostructures and Osteoblast Behavior of Thermal Sprayed Calcium Phosphate Splats 20/06/2006 10.2240/azojomo0215 K.A. Khor, H. Li and P. Cheang
Ni-Mo-W Catalysts Synthesized By Mechanical Alloying For HDS of Dibenzothiophene 14/06/2006 10.2240/azojomo0214 R. Huirache-Acuna, M. I. Flores Z., M. A. Albiter, I. Estrada-Guel, C. Ornelas, F. Paraguay-Delgado, J.L. Rico, L. Bejar-Gomez, G. Alonso-Nunez and R. Martinez-Sanchez
Role of Cation Diffusion on High Temperature Oxidation of Metal Dispersed Ceramic Matrix Composites 8/06/2006 10.2240/azojomo0213 Makoto Nanoko, Koji Matsumaru and Kozo Ishizaki
Polarization Conversion in Polarization Holographic Gratings Formed in Photocrosslinkable Polymer Liquid Crystals 1/06/2006 10.2240/azojomo0212 Akira Emoto, Hiroshi Ono, Nobuhiro Kawatsuki, Emi Uchida and Masaomi Kuwabara
Dynamic Recrystallization Behavior of AZ61 Magnesium Alloy 1/06/2006 10.2240/azojomo0211 Liufa Liu, Haitao Zhou, Qudong Wang, Yangping Zhu and Wenjiang Ding
Journal Papers - AZojomo (ISSN 1833-122X) Date Added DOI Author Names
May 2006
Hydrothermally Solidified Mesoporous Material from Water Purification Plant Sludge 26/05/2006 10.2240/azojomo0210 Hiroki Maenami, Hideaki Tanaka, Norifumi Isu and Emile H. Ishida
Fabrication of Nano-Structured Titania - Thin-Films on Carbon-Coated Nickel Sheets 26/05/2006 10.2240/azojomo0208 Wilfried Wunderlich, Nguyen Thi Hue and Sakae Tanemura
High-Temperature Oxidation of Nano-Ni Dispersed Al2O3 Composites in Air 23/05/2006 10.2240/azojomo0209 Makoto Nanko, Masahiro Mizumo, Miku Watanabe, Koji Matsumaru and Kozo Ishizaki
The Low Velocity Impact Response of Foam Core Sandwich Structure 22/05/2006 10.2240/azojomo0207 Hazizan Md. Akil and W.J. Cantwell
Analysis of Surface Reactions of Monomethylgermane on Si(001) Using Rheed and XPS - Toward Fabrication of Ge Embedded in SiC Structure 19/05/2006 10.2240/azojomo0195 Masayuki Harashima, Ariyuki Kato, Kanji Yasui, Tadashi Akahane and Masasuke Takata
Custom Made Micronized Silica For Paint Industry Via Fine Grinding Process 18/05/2006 10.2240/azojomo0194 Samayamutthirian Palaniandy, Khairun Azizi Mohd Azizli, Ee Xun Hong, Syed Fuad Saiyid Hashim and Hashim Hussin
Homogeneity in Sintering of Fine Ni-20Cr Powder by Pulsed Electric Current Sintering (PECS) Process 18/05/2006 10.2240/azojomo0193 Manabu Sato, Makoto Nanko, Koji Matsumaru and Kozo Ishizaki
Mistake of Japanese Semiconductor Industry 16/05/2006 10.2240/azojomo0192 Takashi Yunogami
Mechanical Behaviour of Hybrid SiO2-PMMA Coatings Measured By Nanoindentation 12/05/2006 10.2240/azojomo0191 J.L. Almaral-Sanchez, M. Lopez-Gomez, R. Ramirez-Bon, J. Munoz-Saldana
Effect of Base Type on Properties of NiO Synthesised by Sol-Gel Method 11/05/2006 10.2240/azojomo0189 Chatchawan Sookman and Paisan Kongkachuiychay
An Amplitude Modulator For Digital Communications By Using Polycrystalline CdS Thin Films Doped With Erbium 11/05/2006 10.2240/azojomo0190 J. A. Davila-Pintle, O. Portillo-Moreno and E. Molina Flores
Evaluation of Grain Orientation in Textured b-Si3N4 Ceramics with High Thermal Conductivity by Electron Microscopy 10/05/2006 10.2240/azojomo0188 Hiromi Nakano, Hiroshi Nakano and Koji Watari
Journal Papers - AZojomo (ISSN 1833-122X) Date Added DOI Author Names
April 2006
Materials Engineering Research and Education in Thailand 19/04/2006 10.2240/azojomo0205 Paritud Bhandhubanyong
Materials Engineering Research and Education in the Philippines 18/04/2006 10.2240/azojomo0204 Alberto V. Amorsolo, Jr.
Materials Engineering Research and Education in Indonesia 18/04/2006 10.2240/azojomo0203 Mardjono Siswosuwarno
Sonochemical Treatment of Diamond Powder Surfaces; Effect of Acid Pretreatment and Operational Conditions 13/04/2006 10.2240/azojomo0202 Heidy Visbal, Satoshi Sugita, Chanel Ishizaki And Kozo Ishizaki
Development of AZS Refractories for the Glass Industry 13/04/2006 10.2240/azojomo0201 A. M. Guzmán, P. Rodríguez and E. Sereno
Novel Characterization Procedure of Large Defect in Ceramics 13/04/2006 10.2240/azojomo0200 K. Sato, S. Tanaka, N. Uchida and K. Uematsu
Synthesis, Structures and Properties of Calix[4]arenes Bearing Four Phosphanate or Phosphine Oxide Groups At The Upper Arm 12/04/2006 10.2240/azojomo0199 Makoto Kyoda, Hirofumi Maekawa, Yoshiki Sadai and Ikuzo Nishiguchi
Low-Temperature Formation of Alpha Alumina Powders via Metal Organic Synthesis 6/04/2006 10.2240/azojomo0186 Simón Y. Reyes López, Juan Serrato Rodríguez, Satoshi Sugita Sueyoshi
A Schiff Base Nickel Complex. A New Material as Modifier for Selective Electrodes 6/04/2006 10.2240/azojomo0184 Perla Elizondo Martínez, Blanca Nájera Martínez and Cecilia Rodríguez de Barbarín
Journal Papers - AZojomo (ISSN 1833-122X) Date Added DOI Author Names
March 2006

Barrier Rib Forming by Photosensitive Paste for Plasma Display Panel

31/03/2006 10.2240/azojomo0198 Takaki Masaki, Yuichiro Iguchi and Soo-Jong Kim

Optically Readable Hydrogen Sensor Using Pd/Y Double-Layered Thin Films

31/03/2006 10.2240/azojomo0197 Yuji Imai, Yoshiki Okuhara, Yuji Noguchi and Masasuke Takata

Effects of Organic Additives on Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Basic Aluminum Sulfate

31/03/2006 10.2240/azojomo0183 Cesar A. Contreras, Satoshi Sugita, Esthela Ramos and Leticia Torres

New Characterization Method for Macrostructures of Ceramics Hybrid Material

31/03/2006 10.2240/azojomo0181 K. Uematsu, N. Uchida and S. Tanaka

Surface Integrity Control During The Precision Machining Of Brittle Materials

29/03/2006 10.2240/azojomo0180 D. J. Stephenson

Aluminum-Pillaring of a Montmorillonitic Clay: Textural Properties as a Function of the Starting Mineral Particle Size

29/03/2006 10.2240/azojomo0179 M. Sergio, M. Musso, J. Medina and W. Diano

Electro-Optical Characterization of In-Situ Indium Doped CdS Thin Films by Chemical Bath

24/03/2006 10.2240/azojomo0178

J. A. Dávila-Pintle, R. Lozada-Morales, R. Palomino-Merino, B. Rebollo-Plata, C. Martínez-Hipatl, O. Portillo-Moreno, S. Jiménez-Sandoval and O. Zelaya-Ángel

Zeolite Membranes Prepared by the Dry Gel Method for Gas Separation

21/03/2006 10.2240/azojomo0187 Salvador Alfaro and Miguel A. Valenzuela

Simulation of Local Microstructure of Amorphous Alloys CoxB100-x

21/03/2006 10.2240/azojomo0185 Pham Khac Hung, Do Minh Nghiep, Hoang Van Hue and Nguyen Van Hong

Comparative Study of (nBuCp)2ZrCl2 Performance in Ethylene Polymerization: Homogeneous and Supported Catalysts

14/03/2006 10.2240/azojomo0182 João Henrique Zimnoch Dos Santos, Paula Palmeira Grecco, Fernanda Chiarello Stedile And Boris Chornik
Journal Papers - AZojomo (ISSN 1833-122X) Date Added DOI Author Names
January 2006
Geopolymers with the Potential for Use as Refractory Castables 09/01/2006 10.2240/azojomo0173 Dan S Perera and Rachael L Trautman
Factors to Enhance Thermal Conductivity of β-Si3N4 Ceramics (Review) 11/01/2006 10.2240/azojomo00174 Koji Watari, Kiyoshi Hirao, Manuel E. Brito, Motohiro Toriyama and Kozo Ishizaki
Colored Transparent Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Coatings 11/01/2006 10.2240/azojomo0175 J. L. Almaral-Sanchez, E. Rubio, J. A. Calderón-Guillén, A. Mendoza-Galvan, J. F. Pérez-Robles and R. Ramírez-Bon
Fabrication of Nanometer Scale Patterns with Polymer Langmuir-Blodgett Films 11/01/2006 10.2240/azojomo0176 Tiesheng Li, Masaya Mitsuishi and Tokuji Miyashita
BN Nanorod Production Using Mechanical Alloying 12/01/2006 10.2240/azojomo0171 J. Ayala-Sistos, G. Rosas, R. Esparza and R. Pérez

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