TA ElectroForce 3550 Fatigue Test Instrument

The ElectroForce® test instruments from TA provide exceptional fidelity, precision and versatility for a variety of test applications. Our newest ElectroForce 3550 test instrument features a 15 kN dynamic force capability, using two linear motors in tandem, and has the largest range of displacement of all the ElectroForce instruments. Dynamic performance is dependent on test specimen characteristics, fixturing and test specimen configuration.

Typical test applications for the ElectroForce 3550 test instrument:

  • Engineered materials, including reinforced plastics and composites
  • Automotive and aerospace components
  • Elastomeric components and materials
  • Consumer products, including sports equipment, household items and electronics.

Advantages and benefits of the ElectroForce 3550 test instrument:

  • Versatility for a variety of mechanical fatigue and dynamic characterization tests
  • The linear motor subsystem is powered from a standard electrical outlet, requiring no additional infrastructure
  • The load frame is air-cooled, clean-room compatible and provides quiet operation in a compact, space-saving package
  • The ElectroForce linear actuator uses direct electromagnetic conversion to apply force, and features a proprietary design to provide greater acceleration, higher frequencies and high velocities
  • Optional torsional motors are available for multiaxial test applications.

General Specifications:

  • 15 kN (3372 lb) dynamic force capability
  • 50 mm (2 in) displacement range
  • Maximum test space height 1000 mm (39 in)
  • Test space width 457 mm (18 in)
  • 208 - 230 V three phase power

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