TA TestBench Instrument with Pre-designed Reaction Brackets

TestBench instruments are specifically designed for component testing, and their modular design enables users to select components and configurations to suit their specific testing needs in a compact, space-saving package. Thanks to the modular design of the instrument, a variety of performance capabilities are possible.

TestBench systems can be multi-channel and multi-axis. In a typical configuration, the WinTest PCI controller can provide control for two movers and feedback for up to eight channels at a time. Pre-designed reaction brackets enable attachment of test specimen or components to the mounting baseplate. A saline bath can also be provided as an option. With appropriate baseplate and ElectroForce motor packages, a wide range of testing requirements can be addressed.

Key Features

The main features of the Test Bench system are:

  • Component testing
  • Rotary actuators for rotation
  • Multi-channel and multi-axis
  • Can be configured for different test applications
  • WinTest PCI controller provides control for up to eight channels at a time

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