Discovery HP-TGA 750 – High Pressure Thermogravimetric Analyzer

The Discovery HP-TGA 750 is the first product produced together with the team from the recently acquired Rubotherm and TA, thereby uniting industry-leading technologies of both companies.

The Discovery HP-TGA 750 is the first and only benchtop high pressure TGA in the market. At the core of the new Discovery HP-TGA is a patented ultra-high resolution magnetic suspension balance and new temperature control system that combined produces the most sensitive and accurate results.

The HP-TGA 750 has higher resolution than any competitive product, making the system perfect for the measurement of reactions with quick kinetics. The low-volume environmental chamber is enhanced for quick gas change and pressurization.

It is built with non-porous isolation material assuring the cleanest sample atmosphere. The new compact, high-performance furnace offers heating and cooling rates orders of magnitude higher than competitive products. The HP TGA 750 is enhanced to test samples at high pressure levels, in even the most challenging environments.

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