Discovery HP-TGA 750 — High Pressure Thermogravimetric Analyzer

TA Instruments provides users with three new high pressure thermogravimetric (HP-TGA) instruments — the Discovery HP-TGA 75, HP-TGA 750 and HP-TGA 7500. From the world leader in Magnetic Suspension Balance (MSB) technology with more than two decades of experience comes an easy-to-use, ingeniously designed top-loading microbalance with unparalleled performance.

The Discovery HP-TGA’s are considered to be the first available in a comfortable benchtop design and feature on-board gas and steam dosing and blending systems, temperature control to 1100 °C, One-Touch-Away™ functionality and TA’s strong TRIOS software. It has never been easier to obtain high-pressure data.

Features and Benefits

  • Patented* top-loading magnetic levitation balance allows a sealed environment for thermogravimetric testing in reactive atmospheres under high temperatures (up to 1100 °C) and high pressure (up to 80 bar).
  • Combined gas and steam dosing and pressure control removes the requirement for a separate system and allows a small footprint
  • Unparalleled 0.1 μg balance resolution offers the most precise measurements of small samples or materials with quick reaction kinetics
  • Top-loading balance design guarantees excellent weight stability at high temperature and pressure and offers comfortable access to samples for simple loading or unloading
  • Highly precise balance temperature control for improved baseline stability
  • Curie-point calibration removes the effects of the reaction gas type and pressure on the temperature measurement
  • The small design puts high pressure TGA on the benchtop, reducing valuable laboratory space needs and allowing installation in a fume hood to easily control ventilation when working with hazardous gases
  • The small internal volume enables quick gas changes and quick pressurization, low gas consumption, and safe operating conditions as a result of the small quantity of compressed gas
  • High heating and cooling rates (~200 K/min**), even under high pressure, decreases the potential for undesired side reactions and enhances sample throughput
  • Non-porous isolation material in contact with the reaction gas inside the furnace removes potential retention of gases (“memory” effect) and allows quick attainment of vacuum

* European Patent: 1958323, U.S. Patent: 2009/0160279 Al, German Patent : DE 10 2015 116 767.0
** Cooling rates > 250 K per minute at sample temperatures T ≥ 800 °C


Source: TA Instruments

Model Max Sample   Temperature Max. Heating and
Cooling Rate
Pressure Range Weighing Resolution Mass Range Reaction Atmosphere
HP-TGA 75 1100 °C* 200 K/min Vac – 80 bar 0.1 µg 500 mg Pure Gas (select 1 of 3)
HP-TGA 750 1100 °C* 200 K/min Vac – 80 bar 0.1 µg 500 mg Pure Gas and Gas Blends (of 3 Gases)
HP-TGA 7500 1100 °C* 200 K/min Vac – 80 bar 0.1 µg 500 mg Pure Gas, Gas Blends and Gas & Steam Blends (of 3 Gases and 1 Steam)

* Maximum temperature obtained with N2 and other reaction gases with similar heat conductivity

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