Discovery Hybrid Accessories

All DHR temperature accessories and systems are designed with great performance and ease-of-use in mind. Only TA Instruments’ DHR offers the versatility and convenience of Smart Swap™ geometries, accessories and temperature systems. Smart Swap™ technologies provide easy and fast interchanging of accessories and automatic detection and also configuration of the rheometer for operation.

The Discovery Hybrid Accessories are as follows:

  • Peltier Plate Temperature Systems
  • Advanced Peltier Plate
  • Dual Stage Peltier Plate
  • Upper Heated Plate for Peltier Plate
  • Peltier Concentric Cylinders
  • Electrically Heated Cylinder (EHC)
  • Pressure Cell
  • Electrically Heated Plates
  • Environmental Test Chamber
  • Relative Humidity Accessory
  • Modular Microscope (MMA)
  • Optical Plate
  • Small Angle Light Scattering
  • Interfacial Accessories
  • Tribo-Rheometry Accessory
  • Magneto-Rheology
  • Electro-Rheology
  • UV Curing Accessories
  • Dielectric Measurement
  • Immobilization Cell
  • Starch Pasting Cell
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis

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