TAM IV – Modular Microcalorimeter System

The TA Instruments TAM IV, conceived as a Thermal Activity Monitor over 25 years ago, is the most stable, flexible, and sensitive microcalorimeter system designed to directly measure the universal heat signal, as well as the quantitative thermodynamic and kinetic properties of any process. This modular system merges the highest heat flow sensitivity, along with superior long-term temperature stability in order to measure different processes that are invisible to other techniques.

The TAM IV includes a broad range of calorimeter configurations, as well as sample handling systems for optimal laboratory productivity and the highest application flexibility.

Features and Benefits

The main features and benefits of the TAM IV microcalorimeter system are as follows:

  • Innovative and more responsive temperature control offers a quick thermal equilibration and extensive temperature, ranging from 4°C to 150°C for cold storage applications
  • Superior temperature stability for precise heat flow measurement in experiments that can last from a few hours to days or weeks
  • New Accessory Interface box, with the capacity of up to eight modules and accessories for the highest flexibility
  • New voltage I/O module to connect up to three independent probes/sources, like light source or pH probe
  • Calorimeters are available in different configurations: size, throughput, sensitivity and manipulation capabilities or ancillary sample measurement
  • Four calorimeter positions can be equipped with up to four calorimeters, each one operating independently and simultaneously

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