DXF 200 - High Speed Xeon-Pulse Delivery Source and Solid State Pin Detector for Unmatched Sensitivity Down to -150 °C

The Discovery Xenon Flash DXF 200 features a patented High-Speed Xenon-pulse Delivery™ source (HSXD) and an anamorphic multi-faceted Light Pipe™. Together, these optics deliver a light pulse of unsurpassed power and uniform intensity to the specimen, while preventing sample holder over-flash. The DXF 200 employs a solid-state PIN detector that enables high-sensitivity measurements under cryogenic conditions. Only TA Instruments High-energy Xenon design is capable of testing samples to a diameter of 25.4 mm over a temperature range from -150°C to 200°C. The use of large samples diminishes errors associated with inhomogeneity and permits representative measurements of poorly dispersed composites. The DXF platform is designed for research and development programs as well as production control.

Key Features

  • Patented Light Pipe™ for the most effective collimation and collection of light, and uniform delivery of radiation to the sample
  • Patented High Speed Xenon Pulse-Delivery system delivers 50% more energy than competitive designs for the highest level of accuracy on the widest range of samples regardless of thermal conductivity and thickness
  • Sub-ambient temperature system with solid state PIN detectors and highly efficient liquid nitrogen cooling system for stable and accurate temperature control to an industry leading -150 °C
  • Real-time pulse mapping for better thermal diffusivity of highly conductive and thin materials
  • Can test samples with a maximum diameter of 25.4 mm for effortless sample preparation and handling, as well as enhanced results for inhomogeneous materials
  • Designed to meet industry standard test procedures including ASTM C714, ASTM E1461, ASTM E2585, ISO 13826, ISO 18755, ISO 22007-Part4, DIN EM821, DIN 30905 and BS ENV 1159-2.


Laser Source
Type Benchtop
Pulse Energy (Variable) Variable up to 25 Joules
Pulse Width 400 µs to 600 µsec
Proprietary Transfer Optics Light Pipe Beam Guide
Temperature Range -150°C to 200°C
Atmosphere Air, inert, Max. vacuum (50 mtorr)
Thermal Diffusivity Range 0.01 to 1000 mm2/s
Thermal Conductivity Range 0.1 to 2000 W/(m*K)
Data Acquisition 16 bit
Thermal Diffusivity ±2.3%
Thermal Conductivity ±4%
Thermal Diffusivity ±2.0%
Thermal Conductivity ±3.5%
Round 8, 10, 12.7 & 25.4 mm Diameter
Square 8, 10 & 12.7 mm length
Maximum Thickness 10 mm
Type Two Positions

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