MV one - Mooney Viscometer

The MV one Mooney Viscometer combines the latest measurement technology for the standard Mooney viscosity, Mooney scorch and stress relaxation measurement in the rubber industry.

The MV one is a fully featured instrument configured for standard viscosity, scorch and stress relaxation (logarithmic, ISO, linear, Mooney Stress-relaxation Rate) testing of rubber compounds under isothermal test conditions at constant speed of 2 rpm.

An optional continuously variable motor mode allows tests beyond a speed range of 0.1 to 10 rpm. The MV one Mooney Viscometer is equipped with low mass rotors that fulfill all relevant ASTM, DIN and ISO standards. All TA Instruments rubber testing instruments are built on ultra-rigid test frames and include precision temperature control, direct drive motors and the powerful and intuitive Scarabaeus Control and Analysis Software.


  • Automated internal torque calibration
  • Long-life user-replaceable seals
  • Superior design for unparalleled data precision and accuracy
  • Available high resolution variable speed direct drive motor
  • Extremely rigid test frame for accurate compliance-free data
  • Low mass rotor design and direct heating for accurate and fast temperature control
  • Powerful and Intuitive Scarabaeus Software available in multiple languages
  • Large (38.10 mm) and small (30.48 mm) diameter rotors Mooney viscosity, stress relaxation, scorch


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Rotational Speed 2 rpm (Standard)
0.1 to 10 rpm (Optional)
Temperature Range Ambient to 200 °C
Torque Range 0.01 to 200 MU
Rotors Large: 38.10 mm D
Small: 30.48 mm D
Test Modes Mooney Viscosity
Mooney Scorch
Stress Relaxation (Linear, Logarithmic, ISO, Mooney Stress-relaxation Rate)
Standards ASTM D1646, ISO 289, DIN 53525

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