X-Ray Microscope - nano3DX

Rigaku has introduced the new nano3DX X-ray microscope that has the ability to measure relatively large samples at high resolution.

A true X-ray microscope, the Rigaku nano3DX X-ray microscope images the entire sample from various angles and while doing so, rebuilds a 3D image at 0.27µm resolution. In addition, the instrument offers an ultra-wide field of view and features high-resolution optics and high-power rotating anode together with sub-micron CCD technology. This combination allows for rapid data collection and offers the ability to switch anode materials quickly to optimize data acquisition.

The computer model enables users to visualize sections at any point on any plane, thus providing a better understanding of the sample’s structure. X-ray microscopy is suitable for all types of materials, from high density materials such as steels and ceramics to low density materials such as biological samples.

Key Features

The main features of the nano3DX X-ray microscope are:

  • Fast data collection
  • Ultra-wide field of view
  • Sub-micron CCD technology
  • High-power rotating anode and high-resolution optics
  • Streamlined design results in improved instrument stability
  • Reconstructs 3D image at 0.27µm resolution
  • Measures volumes up to 25 times larger in a single scan


The applications areas of the nano3DX X-ray microscope include:

  • Materials science
  • Electronics
  • Semiconductors
  • Mining
  • Minerals exploration
  • Life sciences
  • Pharmaceuticals
Rigaku nano3DX X-ray microscope

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