Rigaku Radioflex Radiographic Testing Systems for NDT

Rigaku’s Radioflex EGM2 series directional radiographic testing systems are tried and tested. They are characterized by their reliability and robustness. Their rugged design caters to the rigors of in-field testing, while their proven dependability ensures they are ready to go when you are. These systems are built to last, while the high-performance ceramic X-ray tubes will provide years of operation.

Their straightforward operation ensures any qualified radiographic testing personnel will be able to operate them, while safety features, including safety interlocks and alarms, assure safe operation.


Radioflex EGM2 systems are suited to non-destructive testing and X-ray inspection applications including:

  • Pipe inspection
  • Weld inspection
  • Building maintenance/asset management
  • Crack and flaw detection


The Radioflex EGM2 X-ray inspection systems come in three models catering to medium to heavy duty application:

  1. RF-300 EGM2 – 300 kV 
  2. RF-250 EGM2 – 250 kV 
  3. RF-200 EGM2 – 200 kV 

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