Ultima IV Multipurpose X-Ray Diffraction System

The Ultima IV represents sophisticated X-ray diffraction (XRD) systems. The system incorporates Rigaku’s patented cross beam optics (CBO) technology for permanently aligned, mounted, and user-selectable parallel and focusing geometries. The Ultima IV X-ray diffractometer can perform many different measurements in a very short span of time.

The individual experiments are optimized with accessories like the D/teX Ultra high-speed position sensitive detector system, however the speed between experiments is radically improved with the combination of the automated alignment and CBO. This is the only XRD system that includes fully automatic alignment. When coupled with the in-plane arm and the CBO, the automatic alignment capability makes the Ultima IV X-ray diffractometer the most flexible system available for multipurpose applications.

In the Ultima IV XRD system, CBO technology eliminates time spent switching geometries, allows routine users to run both sets of experiments without the need to reconfigure the system, and brings down wear and possible optic damage associated with the recurrent switching process. CBO and automatic alignment integrate for the ultimate in functionality for micro-crystalline diffraction, thin-film diffraction, small angle scattering, and in-plane scattering.

Key Features

The product features of the Ultima IV XRD system are:

  • Full automated alignment under computer control
  • Optional in-plane diffraction arm for in-plane measurements without reconfiguration
  • Focusing and parallel beam geometries without reconfiguration
  • SAXS capabilities
  • Optional D/teX Ultra high-speed, position-sensitive detector system

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