Non-Destructive Portable Stress Analyzer - SmartSite RS

The SmartSite RS is the world’s smallest portable stress analyzer that is made especially for field analysis. The device can characterize the residual stress of various metal parts, from large construction projects to individual products.

Small and Convenient Design

The SmartSite RS has a dimension of 114(W) x 248(D) x 111(H) mm and weighs 3 kg. Despite being the smallest stress analyzer in the world, the device is able to measure the residual stress of inner surfaces of 200 mmφ bore.

Rapid and Easy Data Access

The SmartSite RS’ high-speed two-dimensional semiconductor detector improves data acquisition by yielding quick processing time and accurate data. The residual stress rate is typically measured at less than 60 seconds. Additionally, a one-click operation is enabled by pre-defined measurement and sample parameters.

Remote Operation

The SmartSite RS may be controlled remotely by a computer through Wi-Fi communication. This feature is especially useful when measurements need to be performed in hazardous areas or in areas where there is limited or restricted access.

The SmartSite RS is operated using an integrated battery or AC 100-240 V supplied through a wall socket. With a lengthy integrated battery life coupled with reliable components, the device could function independently without the preparation of any on-site utility.

SmartSite RS portable stress analyzer

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