DA 7250: Diode Array NIR Instrument

The DA 7250 NIR analyzer from PerkinElmer is the third-generation diode array NIR instrument engineered particularly for performing analyses in the food and agri-based industries. The instrument integrates excellent analytical accuracy with robustness, speed, versatility and ease of use.

Calibrations of the DA 7250™ are available for an extensive array of applications. The instrument also measures fat, moisture, starch, protein, fiber and various other parameters in samples of any kind — grains, powders, meal, pellets, pastes, slurries and cakes.

The DA 7250 NIR Analyzer can perform sample analysis within just 6 seconds to detect fat, moisture, starch, protein, ash and several other parameters with superior accuracy. Possible factory calibrations encompass a broad range of products and parameters and have been developed from PerkinElmer’s global database that covers hundreds of thousands of samples.

DA 7250: Diode Array NIR Instrument

Image Credit: PerkinElmer Food Safety and Quality

Features and Benefits

  • Accurate and robust — The DA 7250 works based on diode array technology, which is established, accurate and robust. The diode array technology does not involve any moving parts, making the DA 7250 highly suitable for difficult environments as it is not sensitive to temperature or vibrations. Moreover, it is IP65-certified, that is, it is water and dust-proof.
  • Minimal sample preparation — Other NIR instruments necessitate samples to be ground or homogenized before analysis, but the DA 7250 performs accurate analysis of samples as they are. This reduces the time from when the sample is chosen until the result is obtained. The instrument analyzes powders, grains, pastes, flakes, liquids, pellets and slurries as they are without requiring costly modules.
  • User-friendly — The DA 7250 enables simple analysis of a sample in most cases by just pouring the sample into an open-faced dish and placing it in the instrument. Then, the instrument automatically runs the analysis while the results are displayed on the large touchscreen.

Operation and Handling

PerkinElmer engineered the DA 7250 in collaboration with customers with the aim of developing the most easily operated, commercially available NIR instrument. Apart from making work easier for operators, it also improves performance. An easier analysis method ensures fewer mistakes and better accuracy.

The process involves three simple steps:

  • The sample is poured into the dish.
  • The product is selected from the list on the touchscreen.
  • The dish is placed in the DA 7250.

The analysis begins automatically and the results are displayed in large numbers within a few seconds.

Remote Reporting and Administration

The NetPlus software package from PerkinElmer renders the analysis results easily available everywhere while simplifying the administration of several NIR instruments than ever before. The NetPlus Reports web-based reporting software offers web-based access to analysis results. Users can always access updated analysis results wherever they are. They can also monitor production, assess supplier performance or verify product quality on the go.

NetPlus Remote has been designed for the remote administration of several instruments. NetPlus Remote simplifies users’ tasks regardless of whether they control only a few instruments or a NIR network of 100 instruments.

Sanitary Design Version

The DA 7250 SD has been engineered for placement in production areas and laboratories where neat designs are needed. The near design limits crevices, surfaces and other locations where food material could stick.

Thus, it is easy to clean and reduces the chances of microbial growth. Thanks to the stainless steel design and open analysis area of the instrument, it is perfect for use whenever cleaning or hygienic demands are high, for example, when samples are messy, in food production environments, and in dirty or dusty conditions.


The DA 7250 NIR analyzer’s properties make it perfect for an extensive range of applications. It can analyze pellets, liquids, grains, powders and pastes all within 6 seconds. Listed below are some examples of applications of the DA 7250 NIR analyzer.


Users can analyze milk, cheese, powders, butter and cream without the need for sample preparation and clean-up after analysis with the DA 7250 NIR instrument. The disposable cup system helps place the sample easily in a plastic cup that can be disposed of after analysis. Thus, the DA 7250 is very easy and rapid to use. Thanks to its accuracy, users can control production to extremely tight limits.

Feed Milling

The DA 7250 NIR instrument can be used to analyze in-process samples, ingredients and finished feeds for parameters like fat, moisture, energy, protein, starch, amino acids and fibers — all without the need to grind samples.

  • Incoming ingredients can be verified against specifications
  • Protein, fat and moisture can be optimized in the process, thus saving money
  • True nutritional values can be obtained for ingredients and formulations can be improved

Oilseed Processing

The DA 7250 NIR instrument helps analyze oil, moisture, protein, fatty acids and other parameters in oilseeds, oil and meals. The need for grinding during oilseed analysis is avoided, even for sunflower seeds.

  • Meals can be analyzed to improve extraction, drying and blending
  • Seeds can be tested at intake to pay the correct price
  • FFA, phosphorous and many more properties in oil can be determined

Flour Milling

With the DA 7250 NIR instrument, users can analyze wheat and flour for protein, moisture, ash and much more. The instrument offers superior accuracy in robust, IP65-rated housing. It can be placed at any location in the mill for obtaining analysis results instantly.

  • Ash content can be optimized with fast and accurate analysis
  • Wheat can be tested at intake and while tempering
  • Co-products like bran or middlings can also be analyzed

Petfood Production

While producing dry or wet pet food, the DA 7250 NIR instrument helps analyze the ingredients and the finished pet food for fat, protein, moisture and more. The instrument requires little or no sample preparation, as well as very little cleaning between samples.

  • Production can be optimized
  • Nutritional value of ingredients can be analyzed
  • The quality of the end-product can be verified

Seed Breeding

Thanks to its analysis speed and accuracy, the DA 7250 is perfect for seed breeding institutes and companies. Users can analyze grains or oilseeds of any type for standard parameters like protein, moisture, and oil, as well as specialized features like fatty acid profile or amino acid levels.

The instrument can analyze samples of any size — ranging from only a few grains to 500 mL — and thousands of samples within a short time. The DA 7250 is used by many of the leading companies and institutes across the globe.

Ethanol Production

The DA 7250 NIR instrument has helped several ethanol producers to lower costs and increase output. Users can analyze raw materials, fermentation samples and by-products within a few seconds. Users need not wait half an hour for HPLC results and can obtain an instant analysis of HPLC parameters in fermentation samples.

Starch Production

Thanks to its flexible sample presentation, the DA 7250 enables analyzing both the raw materials and almost all in-process products and end-products. Grains, powders, slurries and liquids are all analyzed easily using the DA 7250 NIR instrument.

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