Thermomechanical Analyzer (TMA 4000)

PerkinElmer’s TMA 4000 Thermomechanical Analyzer is a specially designed thermomechanical analyzer (TMA) for ensuring excellent performance in measuring the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of substances.

The user-friendly and rugged design employs both electronics and an exclusive Archimedean float system to control the probe, thus enabling accurate determination of CTE and transitions.

Nowadays, with growing budgetary constraints and alterations in material requirements led by regulations like RoHS, it is vital to know how a material changes with temperature.

Analytical methods for TMA are now needed by numerous industries, and the TMA 4000 provides users with a tool created to gather this data. Data collection from the samples occurs in different forms with the TMA 4000’s range of probes, including compression, expansion, extension, flexure and volumetric (dilatometry).


Source: PerkinElmer Food Safety and Quality

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Maximum Temperature 800 °C
Minimum Temperature -80 °C
Portable No
Technology Type Thermal Analysis
Warranty 1 year

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