Sequential Precision Divider 4200 (SPD) for Grain Analyses

The SPD 4200 from PerkinElmer performs grain analysis by dividing a large amount of grain into smaller, yet representative samples, easier, faster and better than ever before.


The analysis of certain grains necessitates a very small sample that fully represents the entire quantity. For several years, sample dividers have served this purpose. However, the older divider designs required the users to divide the sample into several steps, demanding time and affecting accuracy. The SPD 4200 single-step divider offers a small, representative sub-sample from a larger quantity within 15 seconds.

The flour can simply be poured into the top funnel, the shutter can be opened to make the sample fall through the divider and the tray can be opened to retrieve the sample.

The system is gravity-driven and does not have any moving parts. The transparent divider sections of the system make sample verification easy, thus ensuring no sample is left behind in the divider. This prevents the chances of cross-contamination of samples.


Source: PerkinElmer Food Safety and Quality

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Research Areas Food and Agriculture

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