Raman Handheld Analyzers from SciAps

This video shows various Raman handheld analyzers from SciAps. Raman analyzers’ adapts simple point-and-shoot operation and provides easy-to-read screen results. It generates and sends reports from the field using instant WiFi connectivity. It also respond nimbly to new analytical needs, changing testing requirements or unexpected hazards — by adding new compound signatures to installed spectral library.

Within seconds, handheld Raman analyzers identify most organic compounds, plus many minerals, gems and complex molecules — often without ever removing the material from its container. Applications of this technology are wide-ranging: Crime scenes, explosives and threat analysis, analysis of raw materials in food production or chemical process industries, instant identification of potentially hazardous materials in spills, to precious gem and mineral verification.

Run Time – 4:01min

The Family of Raman Handheld Analyzers by SciAps

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