The Olympus LEXT Laser Confocal Microscope

Linda Sikel from Olympus gives us an introduction into their scientific equipment division which includes optical inspection equipment and solutions for materials analysis.

Their range of products includes microscopes, digital cameras and analytical software. She also talks us through their extensive range of image forming technologies. Furthermore, the Olympus microscope platform is commonly used by other spectroscopy equipment manufacturers.

Chris Vander Tuuk then shows us through Olympus’ latest instrument, the LEXT laser confocal microscope. The LEXT features a 5 objective turret with objectives from 120- to 14400 times magnification. The standard stage has a travel of 150x150mm, but can be adapted to cater for 300mm wafers.

It scans samples in slices to create a 3D image for further analysis such as:

  • Step heights
  • Volumetric analysis
  • Surface roughness
  • Geometric analysis

It is suited to applications including semiconductors, silicon based microelectronics, metallurgy etc.

Run time - 4:23 min

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