Negative Thermal Expansion Materials with Mehdi Soodi

Theory tells us that when materials are heated they expand. Well this is not always the case. Mehdi Soodi from Swinburne University tells us about some unusual materials that actually shrink as they are heated. These are otherwise known as "negative thermal expansion materials".

Mehdi also explains where negative thermal expansion materials can be used and the industries that they would be useful for.

He also tells us about existing negative thermal expansion materials such a cubic zirconium tungstate and other materials that have been blended to give zero thermal expansion such as polymer composites and silver iodide/copperiodide mixes.

He also tells us about his research into them including production of engineering metals such as stainless steels and tool steels by laser assisted direct metal deposition and commercial interest that he has already had in his work.

Run time - 7:07 min

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