Packaging Seal Strength Test using Universal Testing Machine by ADMET

ASTM F88-94 Package Peel Tensile Strength is summarized below. This specification is focused on the force required to pull open a seam of a package. It is vital to protect the contents of a package, especially when the package contains sterilized medical instruments or a medical device. Conditions can effect the the type of package and the type of seal that could be used for a package design. The type description of a package seal being tested needs to be clearly defined. ADMET's PC Based, MTESTQuattro controller allows up to 10 user definable fields to describe the specimen. It is imperative when the evaluator compares different types of packaging seals, they know exactly how each is defined.

Samples must conform to ASTM D882 and conditioned according to ASTM D685. This defines how the samples must be prepared for testing.

In our example video below, we prepared 1 inch by 3 inch samples. We set the sample in the grip and centered the sealed region in between the two grips. Our test was a 180 degree peel.


Run time: 0.58 mins

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