Nanoindentation Tester NHT³ - A User-Friendly Nanoindenter

The nanoindentation tester NHT³ has a range from low loads (0.1 mN) to high loads (500 mN) and from shallow depths (less than 20 nm) to greater depths (up to 200 μm). It is not only robust but also fast and easy to use for multiple advanced indentation modes: Continuous multi cycles (CMC), user-defined sequences, sinus mode (optional), advanced matrix, and multi-sample protocols.

NHT³ is compatible with liquid testing. Its “Quick Matrix” indentation mode allows up to 600 measurements per hour with full nanoindentation curves. Its high load frame stiffness (107 N/m) and high thermal stability (raw drift rate <0.05 nm/s) result in high accuracy.

NHT³ Nanoindentation Tester

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