Pin-on-Disk Table-Top Tribometer (TRB)

The Pin-on-Disk Tribometer is a compact, table-top instrument, which can be installed on all stable tables. An easy-to-use instrument, it has an integrated computer control and TriboX software.

The Tribometer can be used in any materials laboratory eager to conduct Tribological tests. It can be easily installed as it is a “Plug and Play” instrument.

Tribometers are well-established instruments with a proven record for reliability in hundreds of laboratories worldwide. They can be used for studying:

  • New materials such as ceramics, metals, and polymers
  • Self-lubricating systems
  • Oil additives and lubricants
  • Quality assurance

The software package offers PC-controlled data acquisition and instrument control, with features such as friction and wear coefficients, real-time graphical data display, and sliding lifetime.

Key Features

The main features of the Pin-on-Disk Tribometer are as follows:

  • Accurately calibrated wear and friction measurements
  • Stable contact point
  • No parasitic friction
  • Variable sample shapes and sizes
  • Automatic switch off (track length and friction coefficient)
  • Test in controlled humidity and liquids
  • Testing procedures comply with ASTM and DIN 50324
  • Can perform a cross-section profile of the wear track by creating a pause during the test without alteration of the experimental set-up.
  • The possibility to measure a 10 N friction force in a basic test and enables characterization of not only low friction coatings, but also higher friction materials such as traditional systems like alumina-steel or steel-steel minus any restrictions
  • Simple verification and calibration of radius sensor, rotational speed, and friction sensor
  • Control of the sample wear rate online
  • Study of the sample plastic deformation online


The areas of application of the Pin-on-Disk Tribometer are given below:

  • Chemical sector
  • Electronics
  • Education research
  • Minerals, mining, and raw materials
  • Materials science and nanotechnology

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